What is a Reading?

A reading is giving information and messages from the spirit world by a medium to a cliënt. It is also possible for a medium to blend with the energy of a person to tune in to the life of the client. Sometimes it’s a combination of both. It happens by seeing, hearing or feeling people, sometimes supplemented with images or other ways of information. The messages can come from deceased family, friends or people that we knew and contains recognizable information, sometimes together with positive and loving advice.

It is adviced not to give any information before the reading and only tell if the information is correct or recognizable. The purpose of a reading is not only to proof that life continues after we die but also that our loved ones are still able to connect with us. And the healing energy of a reading can help us to deal with the loss of a loved one and go one with our life.

Please understand: there is no garantee about who or what is coming through during a reading. To hope for someone is ok…….to expect is not recommended!