About Hans


From 1998 during several holidays in Florida in the United States Hans experienced a number of very unusual situations that made him clear that there is more in life than we see or know. He started to get images and predictive dreams. He had out of body experieces and started to see (deceased) people who gave him information and messages. He also found out that he has strong healing powers. He developed his abilities by giving healings, readings and coaching to as much people as he could in order to help them mentally, physically and emotionally. In 2004 he resigned from his job.

The world is changing very fast: technical, economical, political and social. And it seems that in many ways it isn’t getting any better. To put it mildly!

And that may be the reason for a growing interest in spirituality and inner growth. Television, internet, magazines and other media are offering more and more programs and articles about spiritual awareness. This is in my opinion the key to a better world in which the balance between thinking, feeling and acting will be restored.

When common sense goes together with our intuïtion we will have new insights and a powerful energie will flow again that will make us contribute to a much better world.”